Monday, 28 July 2014

Giant Crochet and a Giant Grandma

There's always something interesting happening in Liverpool, and more often as not it's something you can get involved in. Recently, in the company of the Happy Hookers, I was busy making a giant tree cosy for the Mark It, the Liverpool Street Art Festival.
I'm just going to take  moment to sing the praises of my new crochet hooks, KnitPro Waves, I did the whole thing with the 10mm and it was wonderful. I've got lots of the bigger sizes but need to stock up on the smaller ones now!

Back to business, whilst the rest of the Baltic Triangle was playing host to graffiti and paste-up artists, we took over an entire street and at 5am we covered all the trees in knit and crochet loveliness.

That was on June 27th, and they were still looking great when I passed them on Friday to go and see another great Liverpool event, the Giant Spectacular!

Isn't she fantastic? I particularly love her patterned dress and the detail of her hair, she has such a kindly face too. They were here all weekend, with a big finale on the Sunday as they sailed off onto the Mersey (I was stuck in work though, boo).

 All the crew were looking very dapper dressed in velvet frock coats and breeches but I definitely didn't envy them in this heat!

 I would like to have seen more of Xolo the dog but I ended up stuck behind a load of tall people on the Saturday and couldn't really see him, a shame as he's a real crowd pleaser!
Just look at that grin!

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