Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Etsy Picks: Twin Peaks

There's no series quite like Twin Peaks, and I don't think there's another TV show that's inspired so many Etsians. With all it's bizarre characters, quotable lines and retro styling David Lynch's creation is a goldmine for designers and artists. I'm nearing the very end of the two seasons (my second attempt) and I don't know what to expect, it just keeps getting weirder.
For now, here are some of my favourite Twin Peaks treasures.

Twin Peaks Brooch - 'Diane' by kateslittlestore (the sheriff badge is also pretty fantastic)

Twin Peaks poster by WilliamHenryDesign

Twin Peaks Patches by JennisPrints

 Coffee and Pie iPhone case by YakawonisQuilling

Twin Peaks travel poster by (my absolute favourites) JazzberryBlue

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  1. Very cool. Thanks for featuring my mug!


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