Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Away To Sea

Onward, to the National Maritime Museum! 
 You're right, that's not the National Maritme Museum, that's Borough Market.
I didn't notice at the time but look at this fantastic woman in the green check coat with the huge safety pin and grey hair and top knot and glasses!
I stopped for lunch, and cake, and more tourist gawping. It's fantastic, I would love to have a market like this in Liverpool, although I'd be very fat, and very poor.
Anyway, to Greenwich!
 Although I hadn't even been in London for 24 hours yet it was such a change to be that little bit further out, it felt so much calmer and more spacious.
 Those are streets that were made to be marched along.
I may not have mentioned it on the blog, though those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know that just before Christmas I started selling my knot jewellery at the gift shop in the NMM. I sell my work in here;
So what else is inside?
 A selection of rather impressive figureheads.
 A bit of a boat.
Some dashing chaps in very smart outfits.
Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith. Good name for a cat.
Captain Sir William Peel. Swoon.

 "At the seige of Sebastapol he picked up a live mortar shell and threw it over a parapet just as it exploded."
 What a guy.

 There's also some really incredible stained glass.
Salvaged from the Baltic Exchange war memorial.
And in the gift shop;
Very nautical, no?

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