Thursday, 11 July 2013

NSPP: Flowers and Further

Quick update on my 'Non-Specific Patchwork Project'. I've had a lot of free time at fairs and while volunteering at Arts Hub so I've made some progress.

 I've been using Gutterman Hand Quilting thread to whip stitch the hexies together, quite pleased with the tiny neatness of my stitches from the front. The thread is nice enough to work with, no snagging, but I'm finding it a little brittle, even though it's meant to be extra strong. I don't know if anyone has any other recommendations?
I've finalised the arrangement for the hexie flowers and have begun getting the body of it sewn together.

 So far as possible (allowing for mistakes) I've kept the grain running straight throughout, I don't know if this is something you're meant to do but it seemed like a good idea. It does mean that the odd hexie that's gone in on an angle winds me up more than it should, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

What I'm really enjoying though is the back view.

'Show your workings out'! It's scrappy but it's interesting (I think) and the purposeful messiness is a nice contrast to how simple and orderly the front is. I think I'll miss this view once it's all sewn up!

In other news, I've been preparing for a brilliant new event on Sunday;
There's going to be everything there, craft, art, food, local produce, books, music and vintage, I'll have to be very strict with myself and not spend all my takings on cheese and falafel.

And over at Arts Hub 47's website at the moment there's an interview with me as part of the 'Meet the Maker' section where you can read about some of the other creatives involved with the shop. My interview also contains some well hidden cats, hunt for them here. Enjoy!

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