Saturday, 4 August 2012

Just Cruisin'

Yesterday I took part in a new art fair at the Liverpool Cruise Terminal. The MASSIVE Queen Elizabeth cruise ship was docked at Liverpool for the day, sadly didn't get a photo but probably couldn't have fit it all in shot without standing on the other side of town. We set up shop with arts and crafts in the terminal building, and there was a little funfair outside too.

Hundreds of people came along to get a look at the ship, and I spent a lot of my time playing spot the cruiser (clues were big sunglasses and gold jewelry). I've had a few disappointing fairs recently, in terms of sales, so I had high hopes for this one and I wasn't disappointed. Hopefully todays fair in L1 will be just as successful!

Here's a video from Bay TV covering the day, spot my cameo at the start of the crafts section, looking shifty behind my stall!

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