Wednesday, 4 July 2012


A few weeks ago I shared some pictures with you of the beautiful things I found at a vintage fair in Liverpool. I've had a few weeks to play with them and now I thought I'd show you what they've become!
The pair of Liberty curtains and the Sanderson furnishing fabric have become simple shoppers (along with a pretty Ikea floral) It's the first time I've done this style of bag and overall I'm pretty pleased.

The hand embroidered table cloth has had a few reincarnations. Firsty, these lavender hearts, all with a different patterned cotton on the back and a ribbon and button detail on the front. The little motifs left behind from cutting these out have become covered buttons (and my old threads serve as great dressing for my product shots!) I've got four large panels cut out as well ready to become cushiosn, but more on those another time.

Lastly, one of the lace table runners has become a very delicate coin purse, I used pink cotton behind the lace for a hint of colour and echoed it inside with a pink polka dot lining.

There's plenty more pieces left as well so I'm sure I'll find lots of exciting things to use them for, especially with three big events coming up this summer. This Sunday I'll be at Stalls in the City, an arts market run by Open Culture in Liverpool One outside the Hilton. The first fair I ever took part in was one of these markets last September and it was a great day. I'll also be there on the 4th August and 2nd September, so it you're in the area why not pop down and say hi!

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