Saturday, 2 June 2012

Go Wild in the (west) Country

Had myself a little holiday this week! My good friend Jo moved down to Bristol last summer and terrible friend that I am I hadn't visited yet, so while I had a little time and a little money I booked my trains (excellent opportunity for uninterrupted knitting) and off I went!

While I was down there we took a day trip to Bath, first stop was Wool, a fabulous little knitting shop tucked away on a side street and brimming with beautiful yarns and handmade items. Another crafty pilgrimage we made was to The Makery, full to the brim with fabrics, ribbons, stamps, buttons...Took us a while to find it, but on our wanderings we found a fantastic bakery so all was not lost.

Another gastronomic feature was Gillards of Bath, a tea and coffee merchants in the Guildhall Market, perfect for presents.

A trip to see the Royal Crescent is a must, I was looking forward to some Jane Austen fantasising and architectural splendour and I wasn't disappointed.

 But I wasn't expecting all the personal touches, like rambling roses;

 ..and idyllic courtyard gardens.

 I did feel a touch bad as we peered through the railings, snapping away with our cameras at peoples homes and gardens, but if you live in one of the most famous Georgian wonders in Britain I expect you get used to it!

No guilt at The Assembly Rooms though, a really wonderful destination if you find yourself in Bath, particularly for Austen fans. The ultimate hangout for regency Ladies and Gentlemen, its Ballroom and Tea Room were the centre of Bath society in it's heyday. When I was there it had been festooned with colourful knitted bunting, ready for the jubilee celebrations.

 Inside the building is much as it was, sadly the ballroom and tea room were being used for functions, but the Great Octagon gave a little taste of the luxury enjoyed by fashionable society.

And in the basement is somewhere I have been meaning to visit for a while.

 The Fashion Museum houses an incredible collection of historic and modern clothing, presented beautifully and full of fascinating information. The collection of sportswear was a real treat; 1920's tennis dresses, Victorian riding habits and edwardian swimwear plus much else. The best part though...

...getting to dress up!

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