Sunday, 13 May 2012

As One Door Closes...

 A couple of posts ago I told you I'd lost my job. With the intention of scraping by on a combination of crafting and whatever benefits I could blag I didn't really bother looking for a new job. Perhaps I was being a little too optimistic but luckily I never had to find out. A mere 12 days after losing my job my friend spies a tweet from a local fashion designer looking for a seamstress, the next day I have my first piece of work.

Lucky eh?

Now I spend my days working at home, taking as much or as little work as I like, managing my own time and drinking copious amounts of tea. An unexpected advantage of this new job is that I've been allowed to keep the offcuts of the fabric I'm using, and was also given 2 bin bags full of other fabrics. Here's the first result:

 I love the mustard yellow drill, it's perfectly suited to this more constructed style of bag, and I knew it would look great with one of my new Liberty fabrics.

The magenta silk was already sewn into a scarf or belt so it was the perfect instant strap.

As I'm now sewing virtually everyday I'm definitely sharpening my sewing instincts and understanding cut and construction a lot more, which I think is already feeding into my own designs.

So, lets hear it for redundancy and eagle-eyed friends!
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