Friday, 7 October 2011


First post! Like walking on fresh snow, or breaking that papery foil seal on a new jar of Nutella! (it's been far too long since I bought a jar of Nutella and I may now have to rectify that). Hopefully I'll be able to keep this blog rolling along with some interesting posts about the things I've seen and the work that I'm making, and perhaps someone will even want to read it!

I've been making and selling things for just over a year now, via my Etsy store, and also doing commissions for friends and family, and family of friends, friends of family, you know how it is. This September I took part in my first 2 craft fairs, which I think went pretty well, it's a very rewarding experience, being able to talk to the people buying your work and to see the reactions of people browsing. Hopefully I'll be fitting a few more in as we get going for Christmas, have to wait and see!

I feel very lucky to be living and working in Liverpool at the moment, there's a lot going on and a great network of other designer-makers who I've been meeting over the last few months. This weekend I'll be taking myself to see the Liverpool Design Festival at St Georges Hall, which I'm very excited about, I'd been meaning to go last year but never got round to it so I'll be taking full advantage this year. And on Sunday I'm hoping to get down to Capstan's Bazaar at Leaf and see some of the other Merseyside Etsyans and perhaps have a sneaky bit of cake while I'm there!

So next week I may well have lots to share about my excursions, but for now I'll say good bye!

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  1. Congrats on your first post! We went down to Capstan's Bazaar today to have a look at what was being sold. It was great- lovely sellers, lovely items! (And a great excuse to have a panini in the Italian Club whilst we were down on Bold St!) Jen and Martyn


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