Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Valentines Collection

I've just finished listing a small collection of new pieces especially for Valentine's Day (February 14th in case you were wondering) and yes, you're right, that is my birthday too! How good of you to remember!

I've chosen another version of Capel for these pieces, the bright red one which I've been lusting after for some time now. It's a really true red which works brilliantly for V-Day.

I'm most excited about a couple of new designs I'm trying out, seeing which is most popular before I go into production on my Spring-Summer collection.

Both of them are based on a really simple figure of eight knot, this first one made of four knots in a symmetrical arrangement, suspended from chain either side.

 The second is more like my a-symmetric reef knot necklace, with the two knots extending into a continuous 'collar' which fastens with a clasp at the back.

 Which is your favourite? I'm leaning toward the first design, but I'm easily swayed, I'll definitely be taking one of them into next season's collection, and I've got some exciting new prints lined up for it too, so watch this space!

Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New Projects: Traces 2014

Happy New Year to you all, I hope everyone has eaten and drunk to excess and is now begrudgingly back in work! I personally had a rather busy festive period, full of the usual Christmas Fair mania and a some other new ventures that I will tell you about soon... For now, however, I will stick to one exciting event that I am completely thrilled to be a part of .

Straight from their page, because they explain it much better than I ever could;
Traces is an immersive and theatrical multi-disciplinary art & design event inspired by real stories and histories of buildings. Every story, however hidden, leaves a trace… Have you ever wandered through a dilapidated and empty building, wishing you could see it as the last inhabitants left it?
For ten days in February 2014, ‘Traces’ will take a neglected old building and bring it alive again with the smells, tastes, touches and sounds of days gone by. Immersive and theatrical, ‘Traces,’ is a new kind of art and design event, showcasing the work of over 100 artists. Painstakingly researched, it will map and elaborate on the actual stories of the inhabitants of our event’s secret location.
The public are invited to discover these histories for themselves; wandering through the rooms left as if only a moment before, and unpicking their secrets. Interacting with the specially commissioned and selected art and design pieces, to unravel clues about the building and it’s inhabitants, whilst also having the opportunity to buy their favorites at the end of the night.
How amazing does that sound? So while I get to work designing and making my pieces (all top secret of course) Traces HQ will be doing their best to raise the money needed to make the event happen, and that's where you can help! By pledging even just a little bit of money you'll be helping scores of up and coming designers, and the brains behind Traces itself, to get a platform for their work and create a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. There are lots of fun rewards for your pledge too, so take a look at the Kickstarter page to see what's on offer and find out more about the project.

And if you're in London, or could be, then I really recommend following Traces on Twitter to get the clues for the location of the event and get down there for some site-specific, immersive, theatrical, art and design fun!
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