Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tutorial: Necklace Display Stand

Since I've been making my Liberty jewellery I've been looking around for some necklace stands for my stall display. As usual I knew the kind of thing I wanted but could not find it anywhere, if you are fond of leatherette or velveteen you're in luck, otherwise it's slim pickings. Fortunately I had some fabric left from my tablecloth and some battered old bits of foamboard lying around so I had a go at making my own. Here's how:

I made a paper template, it's just a little smaller than A4. The neck section was fine for the chain necklaces, but the larger a-symmetric necklaces were too big for it and didn't sit comfortably around the top, so I drew a second version with a longer neck section.

The foamboard I used is about 5mm thick so I cut two layers for each stand to make it sturdier. If you haven't used foamboard before you can usually get it from art shops in a range of sizes, usually in black (tends to have a matte paper finish) or white (which is slightly glossier, I use a sheet as a reflector for when I'm doing product photos). It's very easy to cut with a scalpel.

 At the base of one of your layers mark the centre point and cut a channel as wide as the board is deep (in my case 5mm). This is where you will slot the 'leg'.
 For my long neck version I made two channels, the a-symmetric necklaces are heavier on one side so having two legs will keep it balanced. You might want to do this on your stand anyway as it's more stable.
For the legs I just cut triangles out of the foamboard scraps, adjusting the angle until I got the neck standing the way I wanted. It's also important that the legs are long enough to balance out the slant of the neck (if it's top heavy it will be less stable.)
 You should have 2 neck shapes cut out now, one with a slit in and one without. With PVA and a brush use a stippling action to put a thin layer of glue on each neck shape. Put the 2 layers together and leave them under a pile of heavy books until the glue has dried completely.

To cover my neck shapes I used a linen blend that I had leftover from making my new tablecloth, but using a lighter fabric is probably a lot easier. Something like a craft cotton in a stripe or floral would look great. Draw around your neck shape leaving a border of about 3cm and cut this shape out.

 Using the same stippling action as before cover the front of the neck (the side without the slit) in a layer of glue and smooth the fabric over making sure there are no air bubbles.

On the back of the neck cut a split in the fabric that lines up with the slit in the foam and make snips at the corners to help fold the overlap around. Applying glue to the foam and the fabric, start with the corners and glue the fabric all the way around, making sure you pull it smoothly over the edges. On the neck curve you will need to clip the fabric to help it lie flat.

 Once all the edges are securely glued down put something waterproof e.g. a plastic document wallet over the glued side and put it back under your heavy books until it is dry.

When the glue is dry you're ready to go, just slot your legs into the channels at the back.

You can vary the shape and size to your design and cover it in whatever you like but the principal is very simple. I hope you find it useful!


  1. Christine Matthews8 November 2013 at 10:58

    They look great just what I'm looking for

  2. Just what the frugal crafter ordered! Thank you!

  3. This is very very helpful. This is the best template I have found on pinterest. Even years later it's still the best. AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!

  4. really great help for all necklace crafters! Thanx a lot! :)


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