Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cakes and Crafts

Last week I taught 2 groups of enthusiastic sewers how to embroider and construct their own snap frame purses. The classes were organised by Craft Creative Events, and were held at Tavern Co. on Smithdown Rd and Siren at the Womens Organisation on St James Street.
Tavern Co. where we had the top floor to ourselves.
Beautiful light and spacios Siren cafe. And they made their own bunting!
All the threads, fabrics and equipment were provided by us, as well as tea and cake!
Colour coded needle sheets and the BEST fabric glue in the world.
Stranded cotton wound onto old thread reels to make it easier to use.
Delicious selection of cakes from Siren, including a sew appropriate 'Red Velvet' cake.
The Liberty fabrics I picked up at Standfast went down a treat, particularly the William Morris designed Strawberry Thief print (absolute classic). Once everyone got their embroidery going it became very quiet, extreme concentration!

Even though some of the participants had never done any embroidery before they all produced a really beautiful purse, just using the most basic of stitches.
Just lazy daisy stitch but using different lengths and numbers of petals to make a little cluster of flowers.
Lazy daisy cluster for a large flower with satin stitch and french knots in a lovely subtle palette.
Two coloured running stitch to personalise a phone case.
Running stitch, back stitch and 2 purple sequins to make a couple of very dainty flowers, in colours perfectly matching the lining.
Back stitch, french knots and a little bit of couching to make a flower echoing the lining.
A little running stitch bird to match the Strawberry thieves inside.
Lazy daisy and stem stitch to make flowers and butterflies.
Brilliant geometric pattern in simple straight stitches with sparkly gold sequins.
More lazy daisy and running stitch to make a colourful bouquet.
Lazy daisy, french knots and sequins to carry on the colourful flowers from the Kayoko print lining.
A very fuzzy picture of the most dainty embroidery, love the fly stitch grass and tiny prick stitch stems.
A colourful mix of lazy daisy flowers, leaves and french knots, with another stitchy bird.
Chevron blanket stitch, lazy daisy petal, back stitch stems and a buzzy satin stitch bee.
Delicate stem stitch stalks with red lazy daisy petals.
I love that from starting with the exact same materials they all created something really individual!


  1. What a great way to spend an afternoon. My daughter an I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We met some lovely people, ate delicious cake and created a unique and personal keepsake as a lasting reminder. Dodie Todd

    1. Hi Dodie,
      Thanks for your comment, I'm really glad you enjoyed the workshop. You were all a pleasure to work with. I hope you get a lot of use out of your purse!


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